Obama signs $50 billion relief bill for victims of Harvey

By LIZ LOCKMAN, Associated PressThe Latest on Harvey damage and evacuations, storm surge and flooding in Texas and Louisiana article By JEFF HIGGINS, Associated NewsThe Latest from Washington and across the nation, a new report has found that some states, particularly in the Northeast, are more vulnerable to future flooding, flooding damage and damage to property than others.The National Flood […]

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How to get better at your social media strategy and create content that people want to share on Twitter and Facebook Business Insider is a great place to start your social network marketing campaign. Here’s a quick rundown of the most important things to know. 1. Follow all the rules on Twitter If you’re trying to get your Twitter followers to share your content on social media, then follow all the social rules. This includes using the same hashtag, the same photo, and the same title for the same content. And you can’t include hashtags that don’t appear in your content. “You can’t have the same person share a picture with the same caption with different hashtags,” says David Miller, CEO of Miller + Co. Social media marketing expert. “I think this is one of the things you need to pay attention to.” 2. Use the same image for the exact same content “The first rule is the same, and then you have to figure out what’s going to be your target audience,” Miller says. “If it’s a photo of you, a photo you’ve shared on Instagram, you should be using the image that you’ve already shared with the most people.” 3. Use your own hashtag “Use a hashtag that people will follow you on,” Miller explains. “But be careful. Use it in the same way that you would any other tweet. Don’t go too far out on a limb.” 4. Use different hashtages for different topics “You should probably be using hashtag for all the things that you do,” Miller adds. “Like, for example, the title for your content, the headline for your tweet, and what the subject is of the

you’re tweeting about.“”You have to be able to differentiate the different things that are going to get shared,” Miller notes.5.Use a hashtag with a different subject than the one you’re using to share a photo and title of your content A good rule of thumb is to avoid using the hashtag #myfavorites, “cause if people see that you have a […]

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