How to use social media sites to boost sales

The key to increasing sales is knowing what to do with your social media accounts, said Andrew Horsfall, founder and CEO of Horsburgh & Lohner Social Media.“You want to make sure you’re using social media in a way that will enhance your social network, increase your followers, increase brand awareness, and increase sales,” Horsfalls told Business Insider in a phone […]

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How to spot a PR company’s PR tricks

The Wall St Journal / Getty ImagesGreg Bell, who was one of the stars of “The Brady Bunch” and starred on “The Simpsons,” died in a car crash last week.He was 74.Bell, who also wrote “The Bachelorette,” “Beverly Hills Cop” and “Cops,” was a well-known Hollywood actor who played a police detective in “The Sopranos,” “Chicago Hope” and other TV […]

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