How many apps are you using in your daily life?

The chart above shows the number of apps on your Android phone and tablets.As you might expect, Android phones are at the top of the list, with nearly two-thirds of all devices having at least one app.iOS is the next closest, with around one-third of all iOS devices having a single app.It’s also interesting to note that Android is one […]

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How to write a great

in the social media age article Social media has changed everything.You can write a good article without being the smartest person on the block.That’s why we are here to share some tips to make your writing a great fit for the modern social media era.1.Find the right topic and topic specific keywords.Your article needs to have a clear purpose.For example, […]

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Tigray Media House’s Median Income Has No Impact on the Health of its Audience

MEDIAN income, the median income of a household, has no measurable impact on a person’s health.But if you’re the type of person who thinks you should know, it is worth knowing.We’ve gathered all the numbers on median income from around the world.For more data, check out our data visualization tool here.For more of our data-driven analysis, check us out on […]

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