Which social media platforms are safe to share and which should not?

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have all come under fire for restricting the flow of information about the Ebola crisis, as a recent report by the United Nations and UNICEF found that some of these platforms have not been fully implementing the recommendations of their own guidelines.The report, titled ‘Strengthening the use of social media tools to counter the spread of […]

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When social media companies block content, what do you do?

Twitter is the world’s largest social media company.And yet, it’s being criticized for its censorship of its users.As the US Supreme Court ruled last month that Twitter’s policy of blocking users from the site was unconstitutional, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey said in an interview that the company is reviewing its policies and would “be looking at our policy for any […]

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Why a new era of peace in Afghanistan is unlikely to come soon

By MARK TWAINMAN, Associated Press writer U.S. President Donald Trump has given his most comprehensive foreign policy speech yet.It’s one of the most important foreign policy speeches that Trump has delivered since he took office in January.He is likely to continue to make policy changes, but at least so far he has not laid out an overall vision for the […]

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