Which team is most popular on Facebook?

On average, Facebook users are less likely to be found in a news article than in a photo shared on Instagram, according to a new study.The study, conducted by a team at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and the Media Lab at the College of Arts and Sciences, found that people are less willing to share content on social […]

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The best drinks and food in the world: Parler social is offering you a taste of its own medicine

By Sarah RaffertyIn a country where a beer can cost you $10, a glass of wine is $10.The price is just a few cents more in the UK, where a glass is only $1.50.But a glass and a half of wine at Parler is a bargain.A drinker can expect to pay $2.10 to $2,100 for a bottle of wine and […]

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How Twitter’s new ‘fake news’ rules will affect your business

How will Twitter’s rules on “fake news” affect your Facebook page?Here are the key points.The social media giant is planning to impose new rules for “fake” news on its platform, which will prohibit the spread of stories that don’t exist, and will require people to delete posts that aren’t accurate.The company’s rules will require a six-week time limit to delete […]

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