How to create the perfect social media logo

News Corp’s News Corporation Media Creation Tool is a new and powerful tool for creative journalists and journalists who are keen to build their business and reach their audiences.News Corp Media Creation is a tool that allows you to create logos, branding, and other creative elements on the News Corp. News Corp website, News Corp Media, as well as other […]

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Google+ has just got more sophisticated

Hacker News article The new Google+ media portal is getting more sophisticated, as the company has added some new features and a more streamlined experience to the already-popular social network.As you can see in the screenshot above, the new media hub has a new navigation bar and a sidebar with more detailed content than the older one.This new feature is […]

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How ‘Outfront’ will break through in mainstream media, ‘Blaze’ predicts

CricInfo title Blaze: ‘Blazing’ will lead the way for mainstream media to ‘be honest and straightforward’ article Craziest thing that happened to Blaze over the weekend?The “Blaze” podcast.In a story that went viral in the past few days, the show is set to be the main focus of the mainstream media as they try to navigate the tricky waters of […]

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