When Canadians were in shock about the coup in Ukraine, they were being told to trust the media

The first thing people in the U.S. told me was, “Trust the media.”And I said, “No, that’s bullshit.”And they said, ‘That’s just what people are thinking.’And then they had to be told to stop believing in the media.In Canada, we didn’t believe in the mainstream media, either.So when the first coup took place in Ukraine in 2014, I thought, “Why […]

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‘I didn’t expect to be in this position’: Former New York Times reporter’s memoir hits shelves with devastating message about ‘vulture capitalism’

The first chapter of New York-based author Michael Lewis’s new memoir is a tale of a young journalist’s descent into a life of crime and violence.It tells the story of an undercover reporter and his relationship with a New York tabloid that helped him make it from the New York Police Department to the Pulitzer Prize-winning Times.In a chilling chapter […]

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