‘I didn’t expect to be in this position’: Former New York Times reporter’s memoir hits shelves with devastating message about ‘vulture capitalism’

The first chapter of New York-based author Michael Lewis’s new memoir is a tale of a young journalist’s descent into a life of crime and violence.It tells the story of an undercover reporter and his relationship with a New York tabloid that helped him make it from the New York Police Department to the Pulitzer Prize-winning Times.In a chilling chapter […]

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How to find a new job in the City: Newcastle and the future of the Newcastle University campus

The city is undergoing a major transformation in the next few years.As part of the City of Newcastle’s strategic plan, a new campus, the Newcastle City Campus, will be constructed to serve the growing city of Newcastle as well as provide a place for Newcastle University’s research, teaching and cultural activities.The campus will also be home to Newcastle’s first high […]

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Google+ has just got more sophisticated

Hacker News article The new Google+ media portal is getting more sophisticated, as the company has added some new features and a more streamlined experience to the already-popular social network.As you can see in the screenshot above, the new media hub has a new navigation bar and a sidebar with more detailed content than the older one.This new feature is […]

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