Alaskan media, mean and median: The new Modern Media console

The Microsoft Xbox and its software are popularly known as “the console of the 21st century”.While that title may not apply to the average person, for those in the industry, they’re more than just the latest console in the console line-up.But while they may be the latest in the line-ups, the consoles are also being used by the vast majority […]

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How to choose the right music library

The right music collection for you is hard to define.The internet is full of resources to help you find the right soundtracks, genres, and genres to fit your taste.But, where to start?Here are a few key tips to help determine what you’re looking for:1.The right genres: In general, most genres fall into two categories: “serious” and “rock and roll.”For serious […]

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‘Mighty Four’ – RTE TV documentary series review

RTE television’s ‘Maces of Fire’ series is an exciting adventure story about the life and legacy of a man who rose from humble beginnings to become a hero for the people.It’s a gripping series about a young boy named Marcus who was born into slavery in South Carolina, and the trials and tribulations he endured as he struggled to survive.Aged […]

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