How to use tickling media bias charts to predict how much your media is biased

CricInfo title How To Use Tickling Media Bias Charts To Predict How Much Your Media Is Bias article What if you’re a news consumer?Well, what if you are one?In fact, we’ve all heard of the tickling bias chart.It’s basically the way CNN and the New York Times use to make their ratings.But, what is the actual tickling?It’s a chart that […]

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When is the last time you had a mixed media sketch book?

When you get the chance to spend more time with friends and family, a good mix of sketches and drawings can be the best way to get your creative juices flowing.And that’s exactly what we do when we host our Mixing the World series, a series of weekly mixers where you can mix up your personal sketchbook with a group […]

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What to know about Samsung Media Center’s new video compression algorithm

We’ve seen many new things from Samsung Media Centers over the last couple of years.The latest is the Media Center software that has been rolling out to Android phones, tablets, and TVs since January.While it’s technically a third-party software, the company’s developers said it makes for a nice upgrade to the app ecosystem.That’s because it does something different from other […]

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