How to fix your mobile app’s metrics

Mobile apps need to measure their success with their users, says Ben Hsieh, CEO of mobile consultancy firm 3Play Media.But that data has to be consistent across platforms and devices, and there’s a lot of uncertainty around what that means.That’s why Hsieb and his team are using an algorithm called the median formula to help determine how many people are […]

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How to get to your next concert with Spotify

A few weeks ago, the music industry was in the midst of a big wave of consolidation and competition.Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming service, had just raised its initial $3 billion valuation.It was an IPO, and it seemed poised to deliver the industry its biggest-ever IPO.Now, Spotify is facing another wave of turmoil.The company has filed for Chapter 11 […]

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How to fix the media monopoly

Media outlets are struggling to keep up with the flood of data and social media updates that have flooded the news industry over the past few months, and are now facing the task of predicting the news cycle.While it is not as simple as selecting the most accurate headline, a lot of information is being shared online.The problem, of course, […]

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