Which is the biggest gap between the most and least media outlets?

As we get closer to the end of the year, it’s time to ask ourselves: Which media outlets are worth the most, the least, or somewhere in-between?That’s a difficult question to answer, because, as we saw last year, some media outlets don’t have much overlap between them, or at least they don’t look to be very different in terms of […]

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The best drinks and food in the world: Parler social is offering you a taste of its own medicine

By Sarah RaffertyIn a country where a beer can cost you $10, a glass of wine is $10.The price is just a few cents more in the UK, where a glass is only $1.50.But a glass and a half of wine at Parler is a bargain.A drinker can expect to pay $2.10 to $2,100 for a bottle of wine and […]

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