Zito Media box download: Zito TV’s The Diamond Clear Media Box is the best way to listen to the world’s top shows, says Zito co-founder Vijay Bhaskar

Zito has launched a premium digital subscription service, The Diamond Clearing Media Box, which is priced at Rs. 10 per month.The service allows you to watch The Diamond clear media channels and premium content from Zito’s Zito channel.The DiamondClear is the premium content subscription service that provides a premium experience to your Zito account.This is the first premium service that […]

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How to Build a Buzzer-Beating Social Media Campaign

The buzzer-beating social media campaign that goes viral is back and better than ever.From building a viral video of your best friend to raising funds for your next charity, here are six tips to help your brand and your social media presence grow.1.Build a Twitter Followership CampaignThe social media marketing world has changed dramatically in the last year.For the first […]

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