Why do you need a filter for alcohol?

What do you do when you’ve been drinking for a while but have become increasingly confused about the quality of your drink?Well, it’s time to look into your beverage’s quality, and you’ll probably be surprised by what you find.A new survey from Beverage Media, Media bias and Media Communication found that the media has become more critical of the quality […]

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The best drinks and food in the world: Parler social is offering you a taste of its own medicine

By Sarah RaffertyIn a country where a beer can cost you $10, a glass of wine is $10.The price is just a few cents more in the UK, where a glass is only $1.50.But a glass and a half of wine at Parler is a bargain.A drinker can expect to pay $2.10 to $2,100 for a bottle of wine and […]

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Which brand of milk do you use to drink your milk?

Some people are allergic to milk and will stop drinking it, while others are allergic but won’t have any milk at all.But what about some people who have allergies to milk but are otherwise able to drink milk?What if I don’t want to drink dairy products, but I still want to lose weight?If you’re wondering if it’s okay to drink […]

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