Alaskan media, mean and median: The new Modern Media console

The Microsoft Xbox and its software are popularly known as “the console of the 21st century”.While that title may not apply to the average person, for those in the industry, they’re more than just the latest console in the console line-up.But while they may be the latest in the line-ups, the consoles are also being used by the vast majority […]

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How to spot a public media bias in your community

The average Alaska public media news outlet reported more than two dozen bias stories per hour in the first six months of 2017, according to a report by the Alaska Public Media Research Project (APMPR).Those stories included coverage of Alaska’s public health emergency, the coronavirus pandemic and the federal government’s efforts to combat climate change.In the first quarter of 2017 […]

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When did the world first know about a polar bear?

The first documented polar bear sighting occurred in 1901, when a hunter named Charles Burdick captured a black bear on his hunting trip in the Bering Sea.In 1902, polar bears were found in Alaska and later in Alaska’s Nunavut territory, and Burdik captured two more bears that year.In the 1920s, a polar explorer named Thomas Treadwell described a “little bear” […]

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