In early September, the New Jersey state police announced that they had located James Byrd, the man who had killed his father.

The police had been investigating the disappearance of Byrd’s father for more than two months, and they had finally found the body of James’ father.

Byrd was described as a white man, in his mid-20s, and about 6’3″.

He was wearing a blue shirt, black pants, and a black hooded sweatshirt.

Police initially described Byrd as armed and dangerous.

After a week of waiting, they announced that the body was found in a wooded area on a property near Newark, New Jersey.

At that point, the police had given the public a timeline of events.

James Byrd was shot twice, once in the back and once in his right arm.

He died instantly, and the New York City medical examiner’s office identified him as a man of color.

The news media was stunned.

Some wondered why the police and the public were lying to the public about the killing.

Was it all a case of police not wanting to acknowledge that a suspect had been killed?

Some speculated that it could have been because the suspect had no ties to the police or the community.

Others questioned whether it was possible that a white person could have killed his son, given the way race and class are heavily weighted in our society.

The media has also been caught in a false narrative.

On Monday, September 10, New York’s New York Daily News published an article entitled “Newark, NJ Man Found Dead In Wooded Area, Police Say.”

The article appeared to be a straightforward story about the investigation into the murder of James Jr. By Wednesday morning, the article had been shared over a million times on Facebook.

It also received a lot of attention on social media.

However, the story wasn’t based on the facts.

It was based on a false story.

The story also used the New Hampshire Department of Education to explain why the murder happened in the first place.

On September 15, the Newark Police and New Jersey State Police issued an update to the story.

It made a lot more sense, but it also contained errors and inaccuracies.

According to the Newark police, they had found James Byrd’s body on September 6, and that it was discovered at his home on the same day that he was found.

However it was actually September 7 that he had been found, and police still hadn’t made an arrest in his death.

The article also incorrectly described James Byrd as a “black male.”

This is not the case.

The New Jersey Department of Public Safety’s Civilian Complaint Review Board, which is charged with reviewing police misconduct complaints filed by the public, found that the article was false.

The board, which had been conducting its own investigation into Byrd’s death, found, “Based on the information available at this time, we do not believe the information presented is correct.”

In other words, the NYPD and state police made up the story that James Byrd had been murdered.

The next day, the Daily News corrected the article and published an update.

The piece was revised to say that the officer had located Byrd’s corpse the previous day and that police had made an initial contact with him.

However this wasn’t the case either.

According, the state police were still waiting for the results of the medical examiner report.

The state police said that they hadn’t received the report and were still investigating.

According the New Brunswick News, police officials told reporters that the department would be releasing the report soon.

According an article published by The New Brunswick Advocate, police officers at the scene said they had no idea what happened.

Police have been unable to identify any suspects.

The Newark police have yet to provide any details about what led to the death of James and James Jr., and the article has yet to be updated to reflect that fact.

In addition, a search warrant was issued for James’ home, and authorities have yet of revealed any information about what they found.

Police said that if they did find anything incriminating, they would contact the family.

“My son wasn’t killed, but they lied to us. “

They told me James was killed and the family was going to lose everything,” she said.

“My son wasn’t killed, but they lied to us.

They told me that they found his body.

When I learned that they were lying, I just lost it.”

Patricia Byrd said that she was told by the police that they didn’t know if James was dead.

“I think that’s really sad,” she told the News.

“He was a good kid.

He loved to play with his family.

They had him playing in the yard, and he would get up in the middle of the night to do homework.

He was very

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