Posted April 02, 2020 10:42:51If you’re not using Twitter’s new feature to encourage people to share your story, you may want to consider it.

The social network’s Reply feature lets you reply to tweets from anyone using a single hashtag, which lets you promote your content in a way that Twitter would never consider.

This is a very different way of promoting your story.

Twitter has been rolling out new features that will allow users to promote their stories on the platform.

They include hashtags, photos, and videos, and there’s even a new “Like” button.

However, a new report from social media news site The Verge has found that some users are getting a bad deal by using these new features to promote themselves and their content.

The Verge’s Ben Bajarin found that when people were using the “Like button” to promote content, they were receiving less than 100 retweets or likes per day.

And when people responded to a post, only 10 of those were retweeted.

So if you’re using the feature to help promote your news article, you might want to reconsider.

This article originally appeared on The Verge.

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