Posted January 15, 2018 09:33:03I spent some time with a couple of my friends and I had a really hard time with the word “comfortable” on our vocabulary list.

When I saw that the word meant “good,” I immediately felt like I was missing something.

What I’m trying to say is that when we talk about comfort, we’re actually talking about different ways to describe feeling comfortable.

Comfort, as you may have noticed, is often in the context of how comfortable we are with ourselves.

So when I was thinking about how to make the word more “comfy” for our friends, I came up with two options: 1.

Use the word without the exclamation mark.

This is an obvious choice, but I’ve always found that it makes the word feel more “familiar” to me. 2.

Use a contraction or two.

Here’s a quick way to make it even more comfortable: 3.

Use “that.”

I’ve never actually been in a situation where I had to use the word to describe how comfortable I was, but this word does.

When you use it to describe something, the “that” part of the word makes it feel less “comfier.”

So, what’s your favorite word for describing the feeling of being comfortable?

Thanks to @billytheman for the tip!

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