The legend of Copper Stallion, the beloved mascot of the Chicago Bears, has a new life in Chicago.

The Bears played the first game of the new season Monday night against the Vikings, and the team introduced a new mascot: a copper stallion.

The stallion, named Copper, was created by Bears co-owner Jim Zorn, who had the idea to use the copper-colored stallion in honor of his friend, former teammate and Hall of Famer Joe Montana.

The Stallion is now the mascot of The Bears, which is a team that won three Super Bowls and is led by quarterback Jay Cutler.

The team released a video last week honoring the stallion and unveiling the new mascot.

Copper Stallions new jersey is green and white, and it features the “Hail, Copper” slogan, according to the Bears.

The new mascot was created with support from Chicagoans, who donated money to purchase the stallions jersey and the stallors home decal, according a release from the Bears and the Bears Players Association.

The Bears said they will continue to work to raise funds to purchase new uniforms.

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