The latest word on the sports world is that the New York Times has dropped the “newspaper” suffix from its wordsmithing. 

As the paper’s editors explained, “There are so many ways to describe a newspaper that we wanted to remove it to make it more like a book.” 

But that didn’t mean we had to eliminate the adjective “media.” 

“It’s an adjective we like to use, but we’re not going to use it in our title,” editor Ben Wood explained. 

So the Times is now using “media” to mean, well, “what we write.” 

And, as a result, “media font” will no longer appear on the headline of every newspaper. 

The Times’ decision is a little like the one the NFL has made. 

We’re no longer allowed to call it the NFL or the National Football League. 

It’s just called the New England Patriots. 

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