On average, a social media manager in India earns Rs. 8 crore ($1.2 million) a year, according to data compiled by the online job portal, Rumble.

The median income is the salary earned by a manager for a full-time employee for a two-year period.

It’s the highest figure in the world, but not in India.

Facebook and Twitter have reported higher median salaries in India than India has.

The data also shows that the median salary in India has not gone up in any of the past three years.

Rumble, the job portal’s sister site, has reported on salaries at social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, where the median income ranges from Rs. 6.6 crore ($2.3 million) in the case of Twitter to Rs. 7.7 crore ($3.4 million) for Facebook.

The Median Salary of Indian Social Media Managers, 2015-2020, Rumbble’s 2016-2020 report on the median incomes of social media workers, says that the average salary is $80,948 ($3,928 per month).

The median salary is significantly higher than the median wage in the US.

Facebook has reported a median income around $68,000 ($2,769 per month), while Twitter reported a $57,000 (about Rs. 9,000) median salary.

Twitter’s median salary, Rs. 5.8 crore ($4,065 per month) was significantly higher.

The US median wage was $57.3, according the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

India’s median wage is around Rs. 50,000 per month.

The country has an overall median salary of $56,000.

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