The Irish media platform The Irish Independent will be launching a new mobile app for its readers in a bid to help readers build profiles and share their insights on social media platforms.

The app, launched as part of the Irish Media Fund, will allow people to share information about themselves, like their occupation and hobbies, or share photos and videos.

The platform also allows people to add their own profile to help them grow their profile and connect with people.

It is not a replacement for the traditional newspaper platform, but will help people build their own brand identity and gain more followers on Twitter.

The new app is being launched alongside the launch of a new Facebook app, The Irish Guardian, which will also be available to use in a similar fashion.

The Irish Observer will also debut its new mobile application, The Observer, later this month.

The Irish Independent has been one of the most prolific digital platforms for news and current affairs coverage.

In the last year, the newspaper has been the recipient of more than €50 million in media funding from the Irish media sector, with more than one in four media users using its platform to read or view the news.

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