The left is trying to stop her from becoming the next president of the United States, and its allies in the media and the political establishment are pushing to stop it.

Here are some of the reasons why.


The media has been complicit in this campaign of fear and misinformation.

On Thursday, CNN’s Jake Tapper, who has been reporting on the Trump campaign since the 2016 election, wrote, “It’s clear that the media’s interest in protecting Trump and protecting Trump’s agenda is paramount.

Trump, like the Republican Party, is a racist and misogynistic hate group that has a long history of attacking immigrants and women.”

He added, “If this campaign continues, and it’s a constant and ongoing effort to undermine our democracy, then it’s very, very hard for us as journalists to not find ourselves at the front lines of the resistance.”

He went on to say, “We can’t get enough of the political resistance.”


The press is an extension of the Trump presidency.

Tapper cited an article by the Washington Post, which reported that a majority of Americans have a favorable view of Trump, but that “the media is largely focused on whether Trump is going to be impeached, whether he’s going to lose, whether there’s a special prosecutor.”

And, in a July 26 article, the New York Times reported that “Trump’s approval rating among Republicans has dropped from 52% to 42% in just a month.”

The story added, “‘The Trump era is over,’ Trump said at a rally in August, ‘but we are going to make America great again.'”


The left has been trying to destroy Trump.

On July 23, CNN commentator Van Jones said that “I don’t think [Trump] will be impeachable.”

He said, “I just don’t know what the impeachment will look like, but if you’re going to get rid of him, it’s going get rid it from his head.”

On July 27, the Los Angeles Times published an article saying that “President Trump is a constitutional autocrat,” and that the “deep state” is trying “to block the president from fulfilling his constitutional duties.”

Jones said, “[Trump] was in office for four years and has done everything they asked of him to do.

They have done everything that they have asked of us.”


The Democratic Party and its media allies have tried to sabotage the election with the same tactics they used to try to stop Trump.

In March, a Democratic pollster called the Trump administration a “cult of personality,” and “the most hostile to democratic institutions and institutions of government I have ever seen.”

The Democratic pollsters told the Washington Times, “This administration is obsessed with trying to keep the public in a state of fear, and this administration has a strong incentive to create a culture of fear among Americans.”

The pollster added, “[President Trump] is the embodiment of everything the Democrats hate.”

On August 24, CNN senior political correspondent Jim Acosta said that Democrats are “screaming for impeachment” and that they are trying to “disrupt the system.”

“This is a witch hunt.

There is a mob mentality in Washington,” Acosta explained.


Trump is not the problem.

There are many things that the left has tried to distract people from.

One example is the “Russian collusion” narrative.

In an August 24 interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Trump called the notion that the DNC had anything to do with the Russians a “total and complete hoax,” and insisted that he “did not collude with Russia.”

In addition, in July 2017, a New York Daily News article claimed that the FBI was “deeply concerned” about Trump’s relationship with Russia, and that “[Trump’s] national security adviser, Michael Flynn, is now cooperating with the FBI.”

Trump also said in a February 23 interview that the Russians “hacked the DNC.”

“They are in my office.

They’re hacking my computers,” he said.

“They’re going through my emails.

They were hacking the DNC.

They hacked the Democrats.

They are in the emails.

It’s all a big hoax.”

In July 2017 and August 2016, Trump told NBC’s Chuck Todd that the Russia investigation is a “witch hunt.”

“It really does have a big impact on the country, in the sense that it’s something that’s a very, really big influence on my campaign,” Trump said.


Trump’s supporters are not a “movement.”

In March 2017, Politico’s Matt Fuller wrote that, “The movement that propelled Donald Trump into the White House and has propelled him to this moment is the American right wing.”

And in July, CNN political commentator Van Jenkins said, the right “is not a movement,” and said, “‘This is the movement that has propelled Donald to this point.'”

He added that, “[I]t’s not a grassroots movement, and you have to remember

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