The Globe and Mail’s annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) reports show how much a typical smartphone costs depending on where you live.

This year, the average price for a smartphone in Canada was $599, up about $15 from last year.

The national average price was $549, which is down about $13 from last summer.

That means that a smartphone that is sold in one province or territory costs $399 in Canada.

This is based on a range of Canadian provinces and territories.

This doesn’t include a variety of other items such as an Apple iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S6, or any other smartphone models, such as those sold by Google.

If you live in a province with higher prices, you may have to pay more for a phone, said Doug Saunders, a senior research associate at the CRTC, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

There are also some regions where prices are cheaper than they should be.

In Alberta, the national average cost for a cellphone was $539 in June.

In Quebec, that average was $535, while in Saskatchewan, it was $525.

However, Saunders noted that prices in some other provinces are often higher than in Ontario.

“It’s not clear where the national averages end and the individual provinces begin,” he said.

If the price of a smartphone doesn’t match your area, it may be worth looking at what you can get in the provinces.

The cost of a phone varies based on where it is purchased.

A smartphone sold in Alberta for $399 is priced about $100 cheaper than a similar device in Saskatchewan or Quebec.

In Manitoba, for example, a $599 smartphone will cost $349, or about 20 per cent less than a $399 smartphone in Ontario or New Brunswick.

That difference may be due to differences in pricing of services, such a data plan.

If your province’s price doesn’t align with the national price, you could be out of luck, Saunders said.

For example, the cost of the Google Nexus 6P smartphone in New Brunswick is about $399, compared with $399 for the Nexus 5X in Saskatchewan.

In addition, Saunders pointed out that in Quebec, the price difference between the Pixel C smartphone and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is about 30 per cent.

That makes the Note 5 cheaper than the Pixel, but the Pixel is also more expensive.

If prices aren’t right in your area and you are looking for a cheap smartphone, consider a higher-end model.

This may be the most affordable option.

“There’s no question that phones are a luxury, and if you’re looking for an iPhone or Android phone, you can do worse,” said Kevin McCausland, an assistant professor at Ryerson University’s department of economics.

He noted that you can use a smartphone to pay for things such as a coffee or TV.

“You can pay for the service that you want, and you’re not going to have to buy the hardware, which means you’re going to save money.”

McCauslander added that there is a “huge difference between having an Android phone and an iPhone.”

He said if you want to buy a smartphone with a built-in camera, you might want to look into the HTC One M8 or the Samsung G5.

You can also use your smartphone to stream video from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

With these options, you don’t have to worry about paying for content yourself.

But McCauslands said the downside to these phones is that you will not be able to stream or upload videos that have been stored on a cloud server, which might include your photos and videos.

With a smartphone, there is also the issue of privacy.

“If you have a device that is going to be your digital life for the rest of your life, and that device is being used by others, it’s a privacy issue,” he explained.

If that is the case, it could also affect how you use your cellphone.

If it’s being used for personal purposes, such, surfing the web, McCausals said you might not be concerned about that.

If a phone is being kept as a backup or to store documents or other files, such files could be stored in a cloud service.

It’s also important to keep in mind that most smartphones use a camera with a sensor larger than that of a standard DSLR, which can be a disadvantage for many.

But Saunders said the main issue with smartphones isn’t the price, but how much they cost to run.

“For most people, the iPhone is a fantastic phone,” Saunders said, “but it’s only really a good phone if you can afford it.”

In some cases, a phone may not be that good.

The iPhone 6s, for instance, is more expensive than an iPhone 5s, but has a better camera.

The HTC One X and Galaxy S7 Edge have cameras that are better than the HTC 10, which costs $

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