The most popular games, according to the latest survey, are Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Minecraft, Minecraft: Story Mode and Super Mario Run.

In second place are the new games Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition, Minecraft Ultimate Edition, The Last Guardian, The Order: 1886 and Grand Theft Auto V. A total of 28% of gamers said they did not use headphones.

However, some of the titles do require headphones, including The Last Horizon, Minecraft Classic Edition and Call of Pripyat: Definitive Edition.

The average number of times a gamer has used headphones is once a day or less.

The latest data shows that only 3% of people said they listened to a game while gaming, down from 6% a year ago.

More than one-third of gamers play games with headphones.

The Irish survey found that gamers who do not use a headset often use games with other people, including friends, family and strangers.

A third of gamers use headphones when they are not playing a game, while another third use them while playing a casual game.

Some gamers use headsets for voice chat, and a quarter of gamers are not bothered about sound quality.

“The biggest problem for headphones is that people just don’t get the whole point of playing games in the first place,” said Brian O’Neill, the head of consumer research at NPD.

“You can use headphones in games, but it’s not a must.”

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