Google is expected to announce today that it’s suing Facebook and Twitter over claims of misleading content.

The tech giants have accused the social media giants of making false claims about them.

The companies have said that the lawsuits are a direct attack on their users and the content they post.

They’re also challenging a $7.5 billion class-action lawsuit they filed last month against the FTC.

Google and Facebook have both faced scrutiny in recent years over their algorithms and social media strategies, and the lawsuits come amid growing concerns about fake news and political bias in the digital age.

Google said in a statement that the lawsuit will be filed in federal court in San Jose, California.

It is expected that the suit will ask the court to order Google to stop publishing false information about Facebook and to stop distributing false news.

Facebook has said that it will not comment on pending litigation.

The suits come amid mounting concern about political bias and fake news in the online environment.

Earlier this month, Google was sued in federal district court in California over the publication of false news on its social media platform.

The company has faced pressure to crack down on false news in recent months as the technology giant has become the target of a wave of political pressure over its bias in its advertising and search results.

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