By Steve BurkeThe PlayStation 4, a machine that is designed to appeal to gamers who are older, has long been considered a game console.

The PlayStation 5, which launched in September, is designed specifically to appeal more to younger gamers who want a new console.

The PlayStation 5 is a device that offers a better experience for gamers than the PlayStation 4 in terms of games, the best-selling console of all time.

The PS5 offers a new game library of over 200,000 titles, up from 150,000 in October.

The console will be released in a range of hardware configurations.

The PS5 is the first console from Sony, which was founded in 1991 and is known for its low-cost and sleek design.

Its console features a smaller footprint than the PS3, making it easier to carry around.

Its hardware has also come a long way over the years, including the addition of more powerful graphics chips.

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