The city is undergoing a major transformation in the next few years.

As part of the City of Newcastle’s strategic plan, a new campus, the Newcastle City Campus, will be constructed to serve the growing city of Newcastle as well as provide a place for Newcastle University’s research, teaching and cultural activities.

The campus will also be home to Newcastle’s first high performance computing centre, a research campus and a centre for the local economy.

The City of Manchester’s new high performance campus will be the city’s largest.

The Newcastle City campus will serve as a hub for the city and the wider Newcastle region.

Newcastle University will continue to build on its reputation for excellence and the City Campus will be an important catalyst for this.

With the new facility, the City will gain access to new data and information to help shape the future growth of the city, creating a more dynamic, modern and inclusive environment for all.

The future of Newcastle University is the future that the City’s future students, staff and visitors will be able to see.

Newcastle City is the city centre for Newcastle, and we are excited to be a part of it.

Newcastle’s future is here.

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