Zito has launched a premium digital subscription service, The Diamond Clearing Media Box, which is priced at Rs. 10 per month.

The service allows you to watch The Diamond clear media channels and premium content from Zito’s Zito channel.

The DiamondClear is the premium content subscription service that provides a premium experience to your Zito account.

This is the first premium service that we have launched with our existing partners in India, India’s biggest e-commerce platform Zito said in a statement.

We believe in the Zito brand and the brand’s long-term growth, and the service is the only solution that is truly tailored for our customers. 

In addition, Zito will also be launching a new premium service called The Diamond CLEAR Media Box on March 2.

This service will be free of charge and allows Zito to offer premium content to the consumer for Rs. 100 a month.

Zito is also looking to launch a new Zito media box on April 1 in collaboration with media house CineAsia.

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