On average, Facebook users are less likely to be found in a news article than in a photo shared on Instagram, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by a team at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and the Media Lab at the College of Arts and Sciences, found that people are less willing to share content on social media if it’s related to their work or interests.

This lack of attention is a key reason that the average news article on Facebook is shared about twice as often as an Instagram photo, according a press release.

“Facebook has been an important platform for media to collaborate and collaborate in the digital age, but it has been lacking in creating a way for users to share news and information about their lives,” said senior author and media studies professor James Parler.

“It is clear that the social media platform is an important part of a person’s digital life but it needs to be done better.”

Parler and his team wanted to explore whether this could be improved through social media platforms that are more transparent about their users’ content and more likely to share the information with other users.

They studied nearly 2,500 users and found that those who shared news articles and photos on Facebook were less likely than those who did not.

“We find that when people are sharing their personal lives on Facebook, they are sharing it in ways that are not necessarily in the best interests of their friends,” said Parler, who is also the director of the Media and Media Lab.

“This suggests that the kind of content sharing that people want on Facebook could be beneficial in terms of their relationships and friendships, but also in terms with their health and well-being.”

The researchers said they plan to continue their work to better understand the ways that Facebook users use their social media networks.

The article also includes material from Associated Press.

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