The first step towards Formula 1’s grand priX is set to take place in 2018, with the first race to be held in the US. 

The first race of the new US Grand Prix Series (USGP) has been confirmed, with a new venue announced by the FIA in August. 

Its a massive venue and a major leap forward in the evolution of the sport’s global brand, which has been rocked by the death of Max Verstappen last year. 

However, USGP organisers said they were aiming to host two races before 2020. 

They announced that the race will be held on October 1, 2018, at the new Richmond International Raceway, and will be the first time the series will be staged in the United States since 2001. 

Fernando Alonso has been heavily linked to the series, having signed a new deal with Red Bull. 

But USGP organizers have announced that a potential race in 2020 would be the only time the race could be staged at the race track that the Spaniard used to race in. 

“This is not only the right place to host the USGP, but also the right time to launch a new era of American motorsport,” said USGP chairman John Boggs in a statement. 

It was also revealed that Formula 1 has been in talks with the Australian government about a possible USGP race, with American fans hoping that their home country would host the series. 

Last year, the USPCC hosted the Indianapolis 500 in 2018 as a way to promote the series and get a better idea of what the US is capable of as a sports-entertainment destination. 

USGP officials also confirmed that the US team at the 2018 USGP would not be the same team as the one currently competing in the championship. 

With the announcement that the first USGP will take place at Richmond International, there are now more details to go on. 

There are three tracks on the site of the US GP, including the newly-built Richmond International Circuit. 

One of those tracks is also the track that hosts the US Open car, which is currently held by the Australian Grand Prix team. 

As part of the deal, Formula 1 is also looking to relocate the US Pirelli World Challenge team to the new venue, which will be a major step forward in Formula 1 as a sport. 

So what do you think?

Is USGP the right way forward for Formula 1?

Do you think the US should host the first Grand Prix at Richmond?

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