in the social media age article Social media has changed everything.

You can write a good article without being the smartest person on the block.

That’s why we are here to share some tips to make your writing a great fit for the modern social media era.


Find the right topic and topic specific keywords.

Your article needs to have a clear purpose.

For example, you should be describing the story of a group of men who were trying to save the world by saving the Earth.

Your readers need to know what you are trying to do.

If you are using a word or phrase that has a specific meaning, then your readers will be more likely to click on the link to read the article.


Keep it short.

Your writing should not be too long or complicated.

A headline should only contain a few words.

Avoid getting into too many details.

The author must have some sort of a vision and the reader must be able to understand why it is necessary to save humanity.

If your article is just a brief description of the situation, it will not have the same impact.


Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Your author should not use your words as a punchline.

It is a very powerful tool to have the audience laugh and to feel that they have the power to change things.

Your writer can use their own words to bring you joy and a sense of empowerment.

This is how they can build the connection between the reader and their story.


Use a hashtag to keep your writing fresh.

There are some things that make it difficult to find a good hashtag to tag your article.

If it is a popular hashtag, then it will most likely become a trending topic and you can find new followers on the social network.

Try your best to keep up with these trending topics and keep the word count to a minimum.

If the hashtag does not interest you, then try using a new hashtag that is not trending.


Try using the tag of the person you are sharing your article with.

A hashtag can help you attract more followers on your blog and in your social media accounts.

It also helps to connect with people from the same community.


Make sure your headline is clear.

A good headline should be concise and clear.

The word should not appear more than once.

The most important part of a headline is the image, and your readers should be able do the same.

Make your headline stand out by using a nice photo.


Have fun with the word choice.

Your word choice can help your readers to understand what the author is trying to say.

They will also find it easier to read your article, and the more your headline appears in the search results, the more people you can attract to your site.


Keep the headline short.

If there are no words in your headline, then make sure it’s clear.

If, however, your headline reads like a paragraph, it might be too much.

In that case, try writing shorter paragraphs.


Avoid overusing the word.

It’s important to avoid using the word over and over again.

It will make your reader think about the meaning behind your words.

It might even make them think about other things in your article that are important to them.

Try writing your headline in a more concise way, like a one sentence summary.


Be creative and use images.

If people are searching for the word “blog”, they will find your blog.

It may be easier to find your own blog than many other social media platforms.

When people search for your blog, they will see pictures and videos of your blog posts.

People can find other websites related to your blog too.


Be concise.

Your headline should contain a simple sentence and the title of the post should be a short sentence.

It should be clear enough to be understood even by a first-time reader.


Include your audience.

Your audience can be your main goal for your article because it is your audience who will share your content and help you make it a success.

If all your readers are following you, they might also become your main source of information and support.

You might even find that the more popular your blog becomes, the greater the number of people who are interested in your content.


Write in the voice of your readers.

It makes sense to use your voice and use the language that you speak.

A reader can easily read your writing if they have an ear to the ground and can relate to your writing style.

Make the most of your voice by telling your readers the story in your voice.


Be bold.

Make a bold statement and use a clear image to show it.

A bold image might help to sell your article in search results.


Use the right social media platform.

You have to choose a platform that will help you reach the right audience.

It has to be social, it has to have high engagement rate and it has a strong focus on the reader.

For your social accounts, you can

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