Definition of mass media article Mass media is a medium for distribution of information.

A mass media includes newspapers, magazines, radio and television, radio broadcast stations, and other types of media.

Mass media also includes radio and cable television, television, the Internet, the Web, and video games.

Mass Media and Telecommunications Definitions Mass media are the media or other media that a consumer may access.

Mass communication is an information process that involves multiple people transmitting a message or message content through various channels, usually by transmitting a teletype or other communication device.

Mass communications may include radio, television and computer messages and the Internet.

Mass transmission of information via a mass medium includes teletype messages, teletype transmission, instant messaging, telephone and electronic mail.

Mass telecommunication may include telephone, radio, cable television and other mass media.

Some mass media are also known as mass media or mass communications.

Mass Internet is a noncommercial mass media that consists of an individual or group of individuals or groups, either individually or as a group, broadcasting messages, content, or news.

Mass computing is a type of mass communication that involves transmitting information and information content to the mass media via computers or other devices.

Mass-Communications-Related Terms Mass communications include telephone calls, telexes, e-mail messages, text messages, and faxes.

Mass information is information that is transmitted through a mass media channel and can be used to communicate with others.

Mass telecommunications is information or content that is sent via a cable television channel and is received by others through the mass communications medium.

Mass electronic communications are communications or information that are transmitted by electronic mail, fax, and/or the Internet and are received by other users through the media channel.

Mass technology is information and content that has been developed through mass media channels.

Mass entertainment is entertainment that is available through mass communications and is made available to a wide audience via a wide variety of media channels including radio, TV, radio broadcasting, television broadcast, cable, radio-television, and Internet.

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