Posted by Breitbart News on June 15, 2018 08:33:06The Truth About The Disney World of Colors, a fake history that was built up in the early 20th century and then propagated in the 80s and 90s, is now being called into question.

A study released by the Library of Congress last week says it found evidence that the park was created as a way to “suppress African Americans and other minorities from learning about the American dream” and to “further the white nationalist agenda.”

The library’s research was conducted by a team of historians, journalists and historians who specialize in race and race relations.

The researchers also interviewed park staff, and found evidence of racism and anti-black sentiments at many of the parks, they said.

The researchers said they found that the theme park’s construction was “partly based on racism,” a fact which was never publicly acknowledged by the park.

The study found that while the parks were built to cater to white tourists, they also had a racial history that “was shaped by the white supremacist ideology of Jim Crow laws and policies.”

“It is not hard to see how this history might have played out in the minds of the people who oversaw the construction of the park,” the report states.

The library also found that “the park’s history is rife with racist and anti–black rhetoric,” and that “many of the themes in the park are overtly racist, including ‘Negroes are bad,’ ‘Negros should be exterminated’ and ‘Negroe-themed themes have a tendency to cause racial tension and conflict.”

The study also found a number of racist jokes and references that were made at Disney World during construction.

One such joke, for example, featured a man with a bow and arrow.

The man told the story of his grandfather being shot by white supremacists.

The study found a large number of references to the Confederate battle flag, a symbol of the Confederacy, at the parks.

“Some of the historical markers used in the parks are reminiscent of Confederate memorial markers found in places like Richmond, Virginia, and in a nearby town,” the researchers said.

“The symbols also appear to have been used as a ‘pretext’ to target African Americans, particularly African Americans in cities like Detroit and New York City.”

Another study found “racist imagery” at the theme parks in addition to the racist jokes.

The park’s theme park, called “Mickey’s Caribbean Adventure,” featured a character called “The N-Word.”

The character, named “The Black Man” is said to have yelled “White trash, you’ve been sent to hell.”

The authors of the study said that their findings “do not mean that the history of the Disney World park is accurate,” but that “it does demonstrate that the themes and images that Disney World uses to promote its theme park are deeply racist and perpetuate white supremacist narratives.”

The report found that Disney “continues to promote racist themes in its parks, particularly around race, identity, and gender,” and said “the presence of racist imagery in the theme area is a direct manifestation of the racist and white supremacist worldview of the majority of its employees.”

The Disney World theme park also features a “Black Lives Matter” mural that depicts a black man and a white woman in an altercation.

The mural is located in the “Mickeys Caribbean Adventure” theme park in Orlando, Florida.

The museum has called on Disney to remove the mural, saying that it is racist.

Disney said in a statement to ABC News that the museum is “confident in our commitment to inclusion, respect, and diversity in all of our attractions, as well as the parks and experiences that they are created for.”

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