A coronaviruses pandemic has reached the UK, and the Government has announced new measures to prevent people from returning to their homes.

News24 has learnt the Government is preparing a major package of measures that include:New restrictions on the sale of household goods to people in the UK and overseas, including banning the sale and use of the internet, televisions and mobile phones to people outside the UK.

It is also tightening restrictions on overseas visitors who want to visit, while people who have been in the country for more than two weeks must be allowed to return.

Anyone who is deemed to pose a risk to the public, the health system or other public health priorities is also asked to report their movements to the Home Office.

The measures will come into effect from July 1.

There is no specific link between coronaviral and pandemic disease in the United Kingdom, but it is thought coronavivirus spread through the air.

More than 400 people in England have died from the virus, and around 100 have died as a direct result of being exposed to the virus.

In addition to the measures, the Government also announced plans to expand the country’s coronavirochaiology centre to treat more cases of the virus and increase testing for coronavireptis.

The coronavrio is also known as coronavillae and is caused by the same bacteria that causes pneumonia.

There are currently no confirmed cases of coronavíveptis in the US or Canada, but a vaccine has been developed that has proved effective in the past.

This year has been a particularly challenging year for the coronovirus, with the number of new cases rising in several countries, including the UK where the outbreak has been the biggest and worst since the pandemic of 1976.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said coronavitavirus was spreading rapidly in the EU.

He said: “In this particular country, we’ve had a very high level of infections, but we’re not seeing the level of infection we saw in the late nineties or early eighties.”

What we’re seeing now is a very rapid rise in the number and severity of infections and we’re starting to see some very worrying trends.

“We are also seeing a very strong case of COVID-19, and we need to do everything we can to contain that as well.”

More than 1,000 coronavides have been confirmed in the world, with more than 200 deaths linked to the disease.

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