By MARTIN JONES, ASSOCIATED PRESS Facebook’s logo is usually an abstract image with a square-shaped cross inside it.

Twitter’s logo consists of a red circle with the words “TWITTER” written inside.

But how do you create an icon that is more than just a logo?

How do you make an icon stand out from the rest?

Here are five tips for creating the perfect logo:1.

Make it stand outYou can create an image with your logo in it, or you can create a picture of your logo.

But I prefer the second option, because it creates the image better.

I’ll explain below how.

Step 1.

Choose a good image for your logoHere’s an example:Step 2.

Add text to your imageThe text of your image should include the following text: “Icons that are based on logos and social media logos are a common theme among the Internet community.”

If your logo looks like an internet meme, it could be a logo that has been popularized by a popular meme.

If your image is based on a real image of a person, it may be a real person’s image or a person’s real image.

(This rule applies only to logos.)

Your logo should also be readable.

Make sure that it’s readable and clear.

If it’s not, your logo may not stand out enough.

Step 3.

Draw an icon on your logoDrawing an icon in your logo is easy.

I recommend drawing a small icon on the image that says “twitter logo” or “facebook logo.”

This way, you can tell people about the new logo.

I have a screenshot of my logo above.

Step 4.

Make the icon a big iconWith the new icon, you’ll have to add more text and colors.

Make them bold and italic.

This helps people understand what’s happening.

Here’s a screenshot:Step 5.

Make your icon stand on its ownA new logo can be a daunting task.

I’ve seen this happen many times, where a new logo is designed in the form of a square with a circle, or a dot with an arrow.

When I first saw this logo, I was skeptical because it looked like a logo with an upside down arrow and a horizontal line.

I was wrong!

It’s much more aesthetically pleasing.

Step 6.

Make a logo for every websiteYou can make a logo stand out for every web site you have on your site.

Here are some ways to do that:1: Make your logo stand alone, without any text or color2: Use a circle logo in your image (in the corner) as a symbol of the new name3: Use the color of the circle as a reference for the new website4: Use an icon of a familiar shape to create a visual cue for your website.

Here are some examples of how to use icons on your website:The name on the right is the name of the website, while the icon on top of the name is the new site’s name.

Here is an example of an icon for the website “Dorothy’s Place.”

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