Crypto-currencies are experiencing a steep decline in price over the past two days, after a new US government regulation was implemented that may limit their growth. 

The decline is caused by the US government regulations, which may force companies to close down or scale back their operations in the coming months. 

For the first time since the cryptocurrency’s inception, Bitcoin price is declining more than 50% in less than a week.

The decline started after the US Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate to 0.25% from 0.1%. 

“The move by the Federal Reserve may affect the overall supply and demand for crypto-curves, as well as Bitcoin’s overall value,” said Peter Smith, a strategist at BMO Capital Markets in a research note.

The regulation may also lead to increased price volatility, which will force investors to wait for the next move before jumping into a crypto-currency. 

“I think that volatility may have reached a threshold, and we are seeing a lot of volatility now in the crypto-markets,” Smith said.

“I see the crypto market as being under pressure.

This will likely have an effect on the market, but it will not necessarily have a direct impact on the overall price.”

The Bitcoin price dropped more than 60% over the previous 24 hours, after trading at $13,979 on Wednesday. 

There were signs of resistance as the cryptocurrency gained steam, but the drop appears to be slowing down, according to a note from the S&P 500 index futures exchange, which tracks futures prices. 

Bitcoin’s price was also down slightly from $1,099.53 on Wednesday, according the Bloomberg data provider.

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