China will close all its media networks by the end of July, the country’s media watchdog announced Monday.

The announcement follows a series of media reports over the past year, which have focused on a Chinese government crackdown on online speech, an attempt to control social media, and the government’s clampdown on the news media.

China’s Internet censors announced last month that they would take over the control of a vast array of social media and mobile messaging platforms, including Sina Weibo, WeChat, Weixin,, and Tencent, which together account for more than half of China’s global online population.

In the months since the announcement, China’s media companies have reported a dramatic increase in staff cuts, the shuttering of many news outlets, and an apparent crackdown on social media.

The country’s state-run media has been accused of pushing political propaganda and fostering “the spread of hate speech.”

The Communist Party, which is in charge of controlling social media in China, has also banned some foreign websites that criticize the government.

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