By MARK TWAINMAN, Associated Press writer U.S. President Donald Trump has given his most comprehensive foreign policy speech yet.

It’s one of the most important foreign policy speeches that Trump has delivered since he took office in January.

He is likely to continue to make policy changes, but at least so far he has not laid out an overall vision for the U.K. relationship with the U, the U to its north, or the U’s long-term relationship with Russia.

Here’s what we know so far about the speech: Trump has made a series of concessions to Russia, including the end of a $110 billion arms deal with Moscow, a $400 billion loan from the Kremlin to buy American submarines, and a $1.7 trillion arms package that will increase the U-2 spy plane and other U.A.E. aircraft.

But there is a lot more to the speech than those.

The United States has been trying to change the U., but that is likely unlikely to happen any time soon.

The speech is largely about what Trump calls “America First.”

He says the United States is focused on the interests of its people, but not necessarily the interests or values of Russia or China.

That’s because it’s not clear how America and Russia are going to work together, Trump said.

“This is not about some other nation.

This is about the interests and values of America.

This means the U has to have a strong, powerful, free and independent U.N. Security Council,” he said.

Trump is expected to continue his campaign to increase pressure on Russia to stop its support for separatist groups in eastern Ukraine.

He said Russia is trying to create a “parallel government” in eastern regions of Ukraine, where pro-Russian separatists have been fighting against government forces.

But he said it would be hard to create that parallel government if Moscow is not willing to put its interests first.

Trump said the United Nations Security Council has failed to protect the lives of its members and members of the international community.

He called on the council to do more to protect members of Congress, and the American people.

He also called for a “transitional period” after the Russian invasion of Crimea and annexation of the Black Sea peninsula of Ukraine.

Trump also said he wants NATO to spend more on its military capabilities and said NATO members must pay more for the alliance’s collective defense.

But the speech does not mention NATO’s Article 5, the so-called mutual defense clause, that requires all members to defend each other’s citizens.

Trump did say he would be open to additional discussions about the NATO-Russia defense treaty and said the U would work with the European Union to bring the two militaries closer together.

Trump called NATO a “very successful organization.”

NATO, however, is in a precarious position because of Russia’s military buildup in Eastern Europe.

Russia’s actions have increased tensions with other countries and raised questions about how NATO members would respond should they see an increase in military activity in their countries.

Trump praised the “strength and resolve” of the U.-K.

alliance, saying NATO has made great progress.

But it will be up to NATO to protect its members.

Trump’s speech came as a major escalation in the conflict in Ukraine, a nation that has long been an issue for NATO members.

NATO’s top commander in Europe, General Philip Breedlove, told reporters Friday that the alliance was “very concerned about what’s happening in Ukraine” and said he expected the alliance to increase its military spending in the coming months.

In his speech, Trump called on NATO members to “immediately deploy the full strength of their forces and equipment” to defend their own countries.

“We will not sit idly by and watch our allies suffer as they have to, as Russia and other powerful countries, which are already threatening our very existence, threaten to do,” Trump said in the speech.

Trump, who is expected in Brussels on Monday for a summit of European leaders, said he would have no problem with NATO members taking on more military commitments if they wanted to.

But Trump said he is “very skeptical” of NATO, saying it was a “terrible organization.”

The NATO alliance has a strong military presence in Europe that can defend its member countries, including in the Black and Baltic seas.

NATO member countries also have bases on the continent that they could use to counter Russia’s aggression.

NATO members also have military bases in the Baltic States and the Black seas that they can use to defend against Russian aggression.

Trump had previously made the alliance a priority, but the summit meeting was a signal that Trump is willing to negotiate with Russia, but has been reluctant to take any military action.

Trump made a point of calling out the Us. for its support of the Russian military during the Cold War.

Trump has repeatedly criticized NATO members for not spending enough on their military, and has said the alliance needs to spend about $500 billion annually on

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