China’s social media users have a simple message for the U.A.E. after it claimed to have destroyed a popular online game.

China’s social network Weibo reported on Thursday that it had destroyed “a popular online puzzle game.”

In an apparent move to back up its claim, the U to a video on the Weibo newsfeed on Thursday afternoon, which shows the Chinese social media giant calling on the U, and the rest of the world, to “stop bullying.”

In the video, the company says that it’s been using a variety of techniques to try to “improve” the game in order to “create a better game experience for users.”

“The main objective of our work is to create a better puzzle game experience.

Our goal is to make it easier to play, faster to play,” the video says.

In an emailed statement, a Weibo representative told CNN that the company is aware of the reports and has confirmed the report.

“Weibo has been using various methods to improve our game and to improve user experience,” the representative said.

“We have not seen any reports of our game being destroyed.

Weibo will work hard to improve the quality of its puzzle game and will share all our progress and developments with the relevant authorities and relevant media outlets.”

Weibo said that it was working to verify the reports, but that it has not seen a “realistic” picture of the destruction of the game.

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